Lenticular Offset Printing

Stampa Offset Lenticolare

Lenticular impression is based on two elements: Installation printing and lenticular sheet.

Various images have to be properly combined and built up in one final image, which will eventually be printed on the sheet smooth surface; thanks to the use of lenses on the rippled side of the sheet many visual effects can take place, specifically:

The image positioning is made in such a way that the observer’s eyes can see at the same time
various and different images. The lenticular material, in-fact, implies that the lenses are set very close each other with a focal point and bending finalised to make possible for the eye to see only one part of the image.

Therefore when the observer moves or when the packaging is moved, the image is perceived in a different way. Many of the printing special effects are based on this phenomenon.

In recent years the offset printing technology has been utilised to decorate many items such as advertising placards, cards, stickers, mouse carpets, business cards, display stands, even for shops signs.

The feature shared by all of these applications is the need to allure the customers. Arcabox utilises this printing technology when packaging must be innovative and attractive.