Offset Printing

Stampa Offset

Offset printing technology is the best way of printing as it guarantees very high definition.

Arcabox utilises the best available equipments on the market.

The offset printing is realised by a UV type ink transfer from a sheet (matrix) to printing cylinders and from them to the material to be printed.

It is an indirect printing technology, very easy to adapt to a large range of materials with different nature maintaining a very high definition standard.

In particular the offset printing enables us to produce special decorations characterized by shades and tones even with a very small text in a perfect way.

Unlike hot stamp or serigraphic printing, the offset technology printing does not entail greater thickness on the material surface to be printed, which remains perfectly smooth.

Arcabox utilises the Computer to Plate (CTP) technology. The projects are diverted directly to the printing sheets without using films. This technology reduces the possibility of mistakes and imperfections to the minimum and guarantees the accuracy and rapidity in the working process.